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Pam and her husband Nobel serve as Founding and Lead Directors of Schuler Arts.   Pam Schuler is a community advocate, creativity mentor, wife and mother of four children whose heart is to help people... See full bio

Nobel and his wife Pam serve as Founding and Lead Directors of Schuler Arts.  Nobel has a passion for helping others explore and grow through art.  He is an artist, husband and father of four children who uses... See full Bio

Bobbie Van Eck--Glass fusing and Jewelry Design

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Working with glass for over twenty years, Bobbie has been involved in bead making, lampwork, and glass fusing activities.  Her current creative focus and exploration is primarily bead making and glass fusing techniques.  "I love to work with bright colors, textures and lots of contrast. ¬†Most of my beads have both dichroic backs and fronts so that no matter which way a bead is turned it will always be beautiful."  ¬†

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