Indoor Installation

Schuler Arts has a long-lasting partnership with BIGThink an art, education and technology group dedicated to innovative integrated teaching and learning approaches.  Nobel has served as Outreach Director, a consulting BT member and currently is a lead teacher for many of BIGThinks creative learning and community building workshops.  

In 2009 Pam, Jillion and Nobel Schuler were members of the BIGThink installation team who installed the Hemi-Floria Peace Sculpture, a red air and helium-filled sculpture, as well as, colorful floating silk banners and scores of translucent plastic human forms during the Grand Rapids ArtPrize event.  

The BIGThink organization has received national and international recognition for the development of Arts Initiatives through environmental, multi-media sculpture installations and their creative teaching and learning programs.

News Articles

BIGThink   2009 Art Prize Installation in Grand Rapids, Mi.