Pam, Jill and Nobel helped construct an inflatable brain that is being used as a portable teacher-training classroom. The development of the brain sensorium was a project of BIGThink, an art, education and technology group which is dedicated to innovative integrated teaching and learning approaches.  The project was funded by the Michigan Department of Education and provided instructional training for administrators, councilors and teachers in all disciplines in several western Michigan counties.

The construction began with a modified brain form made in clay. Then small paper panels were drawn and cutout and enlarged onto ripstop materials. These fabric elements were carefully cut and sewn together creating exterior and interior architectural brain forms.  Lights and projection components were installed providing a unique learn environment for creative arts activities and lessons exploring current cerebral studies as related to education.  The air-inflated brain sensorium is portable and continues to be a significant element in many of BIGThink’s teaching and learning installations and programs.    

“The Brain Project” with   BIGThink  - 2010

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