Artist’s Statement

The artwork, Oneness of Humankind, is three conjoined panels, which together are intended to represent the spectrum of humanity and the connective relationships between individuals of all races, religions, cultures, ethnic and gender/sexual orientation. Reflected in these diverse groups is an echoed sense of oneness beckoning the viewer to join with renewed communal spirit.  

Every Knee Will Bow, is the subtitle of the artwork and indicates my belief in an unprecedented event that will one day be experienced by everyone as we stand in the presence of God.  It is only through this mutual experience that we will fully comprehend the commonality of humanity with the certainty of our eternal existence.  

As an artist / teacher, I remain deeply committed to the development of the “whole person”, spirit, soul, and body through a creative approach which focuses on healing, reconnection, and renewal from the “inside out”.  It is my heart’s desire to encourage, entice, and move people to consider their significant importance in the oneness of humankind, their role in upcoming transformative world events, and most importantly, an intimate, unending connection to and relationship with the God of Love.

Nobel Schuler

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