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Sponsor an Art Scholarship for a Child in our Community


                                                               $ 80

Two-hours sessions once each week, taylored to the student's specifc needs and sclolarship arrangement.  A new session usually starts on the first Wednesday every other month.


      Schuler Arts offers youth an opportunity to learn and develop their artistic abilities and creative thinking skills through a wide range of experiential art classes.  We believe children who have a desire to create should have an opportunity to explore their creative potential. We hope you agree and invite you to partner with us by sponsoring a scholarship to send a deserving child to an art class.

      Scholarship arrangements are customized to your wishes and students needs. Each donation of $80 pays for a student to take a series of classes based on their interest and abilities. You may wish to allow multiple students or allow a student to take multiple classes by changing the scope of your scholarship donation.  Scholarship classes meet Wednesday afternoon from 4:00-6:00 PM.

      If desired you can receive a piece of art created by your student for display at your home or business. We will work with you to set up specific standards based on your scholarship requests or we will provide your scholarship to one of the many requests we receive regularly.

      TO ESTABLISH YOUR STUDENT ART SCHOLARSHIP: Select the pre-set plan below.  Next, fill-in specific information on the Scholarship Form Page that will appear.  You may use PayPal to pay for your scholarship by clicking the PayPal button and proceeding through the final steps in the PayPal payment process.  

Schuler Arts is a For-Profit corporation, therefore, your student scholar sponsorship does not qualify as a tax deductable charitable donation.  

You will receive an acknowledgment from Schuler Arts shortly after the submission of the Scholarship and/or PayPal Form. Please call us at 517-629-8293 for further clariification regarding your art scholar sponsorship.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of sponsoring partners who collaborate with us to share faith, creativity,  

and love for the Arts with others.

Thank's again for contribuiting to our many programs and activities.