•      The workshop begins with a brief visual presentation that provides motivation and

             directions for the activity.  It highlights the topics of creative collaboration and community

             building while emphasizing that everyone is creative with something to contribute to the  

             workshop and in life.

     •      Working in groups of 4 or 5, participants will use a variety of art materials and tools to create

            4 x 4 ft. design panels with color, textures, words, and symbolic shapes. These panels later

            will be viewed individually or joined with others for a larger display.

     •      Participants will develop a goal, create a vision, and take action.  They will communicate,

            share diverse ideas, be flexible in their planning, compromise and finally agree as a team.  

            They will learn about art and its ability to unite people and to make a difference through active


     •      This 2-hour workshop is for middle school and high school age students and can be adapted

            for other participants and families.

     •      Workshop Size—40 to 80 participants.  A larger format is possible  

            and will require additional compensation.

     •      The host organization is asked to provide one adult mentor for

            every 10 participants and a four-member support team to assist

            with the facility and logistical arrangements throughout the



           Costs: Vary from $500 upward depending on the workshop size, location and other specific detail.  


Mural Workshop

During this hands-on collaborative mural-making activity participants are encouraged to look beyond themselves to support and contribute to others while exploring their creative gifts and talents.  Workshops sessions are for small or large groups and require a large open gym-like space and a nearby smaller classroom.

Mural Workshop

                   2005 National Youth Summit, Washington DC

                with over 500 youth leaders from across the nation.


                    OBX  YMCA  Nags Head, NC.











Varies from

$500 UP



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