Be a leader in faith-based art practices to reach, heal

and enrich lives through programs, products and services.


Create positive environments where people flourish

through participation and involvement in the arts.

     We Believe…

     The Arts in all forms: music, drama, dance, creative writing and the visual and

     performing arts are powerful vehicles for transformational change and growth.

     We Believe…

     The Arts expand personal creative thinking, strengthen self-worth, teach whole

     brain thinking and help lead critical thinking toward meaningful solutions.

     We Believe…

     The Arts offer opportunities for collaboration and the development of healthy

     family, group and community relationships and encourage the imaginative spirit.


     And above all We Believe…

    Our gifts and talents are God-given and are an inflow of divine power, strength

     and influence to be sustained by an outflow of joyous and humble praise.  

Schuler Arts is about:

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Influencing Organizations

Valley Family Church--Kalamazoo, Mi.

Pam and Nobel Schuler were charter members of VFC and 2012 graduates of their EPIC School of Ministry, now Valley University, which trains ministry leaders.  The Schuler's are forever indebted to VFC's Sr. Pastors Jeff and Beth Jones and the VFC Ministry Team Leaders for their mentorship, spiritual guidance and support.

FreeWay Church--Albion, Mi.

In September of 2014 the Schuler's became members of FreeWay Church under the pastoral care of Rev. Steve Meszaros.  Pam and Nobel serve in leadership roles and work collaboratively with FWC through the Schuler Arts (MTA) Ministry through Arts programs and outreach activities.

BIGThink, LLC.--Glenn, Mi.

Schuler Arts has a long-lasting partnership with BIGThink, an art, technology, and education organiziation dedicated to the development of innovative integrated teaching and learning approaches. Nobel once served as Outreach Director, a consulting member and is currently a lead teacher for many of BT's creative learning and community building workshops.  

Our Focus

                    Fun Classes

                Special Events

          Unique Workshops

       Quality  Art  Displays

                  Team Building

                  Faith Exploration

                  Creativity Education

                  Leadership Development